Our Services



Rent a Goat

Got a place with weeds, don't want to weedeat or spray chemicals? We can rent you a herd of goats. Not only will you solve your weed issues, you can fertilize your ground.



We have been in the Farming Industry for years and can provide valuable insight with whatever you need . Whether it is how to raise something or how to make it work. Or maybe you need to know how to deal with a state or local agency. We got you covered.



It’s a tough job,  but we're always ready to do it. Need to haul and move tractors and animals throughout we can help you need

Custom Growing

Need an Animal grown to a certain size or weight? Let us help you! We can custom grow just about any animal and can feed it any way you want us to. However we will not confine the animal or give it medications or hormones.


Technology & Automation 

My background is Technology. I actually still own a company that does networks, phone systems, and cabling here in Texas. So it doesn't come to a surprise when I say technology is our friend at Trainum Ranch. We have a state of the art brooding facility. We also have systems in place that monitor water, tempature and feed. We also pipe music throughout the whole farm and also have fiber and wifi spanned throughout the whole ranch


Farm Security

We can install cameras, alarms and monitors. Ever want to know what is happening on the remote pasture at 4am? Want to check on the pregnant animal without getting out of bed? Or want to know who is at your gate? We can help!!!