It all started when...

Trainum Ranch was started in the early 90's doing show pigs and market pigs. It is now ran by Sarah and Drew Trainum. We revamped our whole ranch into a ranch that can provide sustainable, quality, pasture raised animals. We now produce some of the highest quality meats you will fined. Our products can be found through Windy Hills Foods, Next Generation Produce, and Stahlman's Bear Creek Market.

We believe that to create some of Texas' best tasting meat; the only way to do it is to start with the ground. We are nestled in the Texas Hill Country on a generationaly owned piece of land. We can tell you what has happened to every acre from the last 30 years. We do not lease the property and have had control over the ground through generations.

Next is the animals. Through out each animals life we try the hardest to make them as comfortable as possible. Our pigs are in a forested pasture with several trees, grassy spots, and wallows, our meat chickens are in paddocks rather than tractors and through the summer months are provided with fans and misters under the shade, cows and sheep are in a large pasture. We find paddocks encourage the chickens to be chickens. 

Now we have the feed! We sourced out the highest quality feed in Texas. We can guarantee that no pesticides have ever touched our land or feed and that it is free 

Processing is done only at plants that do it humanly.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!