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Quality Pasture Raised Meats

Here at Trainum Ranch we strive to provided the Highest Quality Meats raised in the Most Ethical way possible. We grow pasture raised Poultry, Pastured Pork, Grass Fed Lamb, Grass Fed and Grain Supplemented Beef. We also offer custom grown products whether you want Organic, Non-GMO, Conventional, or NON-CORN/ NON-SOY. Our products are used in several 4 and 5 star restaurants in San Antonio and Austin.



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We always enjoyed you your family and products. No matter what we made or how we cooked it you could tell the difference in the meats
— Chuck Hernandez



At Trainum Ranch we promise and strive to raise animals with the utmost respect and with the most humane practices. We never use any Hormones, Antibiotics or Medicated Feed. Our system of raising animals meats NRCS guidlines for a truly sustainable farm.


About Us

We Are the Trainums

Trainum Ranch was started in the early 90's doing show pigs and market pigs. It is now ran by Sarah and Drew Trainum. We revamped our whole ranch into a ranch that can provide sustainable, quality, pasture raised animals that are far more superior then anything on the market now produce some of the highest quality meats, and pork.